Scientific Case for Creation by Bert Thompson PDF

By Bert Thompson

ISBN-10: 0932859631

ISBN-13: 9780932859631

This e-book discusses in a transparent but compelling demeanour the clinical proof that helps the biblical account of production.

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And if you are, in what city? In what state? In what country? And on what continent? Astronomically speaking, you are on the third planet from the Sun, in a solar system of numerous other planets, only one of which—the one where you reside—sustains life. How? Why? These are intriguing questions worth pondering. Throughout the whole of human history, people have con­ templated not only their origin, but also their physical place in the Universe. The question of our ultimate origin weighs heavily on the human psyche.

Today, the idea that - 42 ­ redshift is proportional to distance is a crucial part of distance measurement in modern astronomy. But that is not all. The concepts of (a) an expanding Universe, and (b) the accu­ racy of redshift measurements, form a critically important part of the foundation of modern Big Bang cosmology. ” (1998, p. 34). One without the other is not possible. If one falls, both do. I will have more to say on this important point later. Hubble and Humason’s work gave cosmologists clues to the size of the Universe and the movement of objects within it.

3 billion years. A larger value, H = 100, is pre­ ferred by many other astronomers: Gerard de Vau­ couleurs, Richard Fisher, Roberta Humphreys, Wendy Freedman, Barry Madore, Brent Tully and others.

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