Diana, The Making of a Media Saint by Jeffrey Richards, Scott Wilson, Linda Woodhead PDF

By Jeffrey Richards, Scott Wilson, Linda Woodhead

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ISBN-13: 9781417567232

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ISBN-13: 9781860643880

Cultural critics throughout disciplines current the following a considerate, illuminating dialogue of the parable of Diana--her occupation, allure and iconicity. Chapters comprise: the Hollywoodization of Diana; Diana as a logo of world intake and pain; Diana and Islam; spatial Diana; Diana as exemplar of a brand new faith; Diana and the treatment tradition; and lots more and plenty extra. individuals contain Rosalind Brunt, Alvin Cohan, Simon Critchley, Richard Fenn, and Paul Heelas.

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P. 33 3 Diana Simmonds, Princess Di: The National Dish, Pluto, 1984. 4 See also Celia Lury’s exemplary account, ‘A public romance: “The Charles and Di Story”’ in L Pearce, J Stacey (eds), Romance Revisited, New York University Press, 1995, which, inter alia, discusses Diana’s appeal to a ‘global panhumanity’ through a celebrity which blurs the public-private distinction and effects the ‘symbolic castration’ of Charles after 1983, confining him to a limited national and public role. 5 Simmonds, Princess Di: The National Dish, p.

From this perspective, Smith provides extracts from Dickens’ Great Expectations giving the hero’s account of meeting the long-abandoned bride, Miss Havisham, to counterpoint Diana’s ‘wronged woman’ narrative. Whilst acknowledging the current popularity of Diana’s ‘Tragic Victim’ figure, she foresees the Diana image dwindling in the longer run to all the pathos and ridicule that Miss Havisham evokes. Smith’s interpretation of Diana involves a conscious polemic against more prevalent feminist versions of the Morton biographies and the revelations of Panorama.

Thus the moment when ‘icon’ entered the vernacular was also when it re-acquired an earlier religious meaning. 38 In the twentieth century, the term becomes secularised in humanist studies and then routinised via journalism into everyday speech as has happened with the routes of other numinous terms like ‘aura’ and ‘charisma’. So, to summarise: through its association with Diana, ‘icon’ has accrued ‘indexical’ connotations of wished-for democracy and ‘symbolic’ connotations around celebrity, femininity and the contexts of cultural change.

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