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Fresh advances in quite a few clinical disciplines have printed the restrictions of the Newtonian-Cartesian version of the universe. one of many attention-grabbing points of this improvement is the expanding convergence of technology and the "perennial philosophy." the recent examine has ended in a serious revaluation of historical religious structures lengthy overlooked or rejected due to their assumed incompatibility with science.

Here are Swami Muktananda at the brain. Swami Prajnananda on Karma. Swami Kripananda at the Kundalini. Ajit Mookerjee at the Kundalini. Joseph Chilton Pearce on religious improvement. mom Teresa on love and repair. Jack Kornfield on Buddhism for americans. Fritjof Capra at the new paradigms. Rupert Sheldrake on morphic resonance. Karl Pribram at the holographic version. Claudio Naranjo on meditation, and more.

The papers during this booklet have been offered on the 7th convention of the overseas Transpersonal organization held in Bombay. The ITA is a non-profit association that brings jointly contributors of alternative nationalities, professions, and philosophical or non secular personal tastes who percentage within the view that there's a basic solidarity underlying all of humanity and the cloth world.

The hide photograph is from the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of artwork within the Atkins Museum of excellent Arts, Kansas urban, Missouri.

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Page 13 Although the simplest level on which self-organization can be studied is the level of dissipative structures which form in self-renewing chemical reaction systems, applying these principles to biological, psychological and socio-cultural phenomena does not involve reductionistic thinking. Unlike the reductionism of mechanistic science, such applications are based on fundamental homology, on the relatedness of the self-organizing dynamics on many levels. From this point of view, humans are not higher than other living organisms; rather, they live simultaneously on more levels than life forms that appeared earlier in evolution.

To conclude otherwise is to mistake connection for cause, but this is the kind of faulty conclusion that mechanistic science draws from neurological findings. It is worth mention here that in his last book Mystery of The Mind, pioneering neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield expressed deep disbelief that consciousness is a product of the brain and can be explained in terms of neurophysiology. 67 Materialistic psychology explains mental processes as reactions of the organism to the environment and/or recombinations of previous sensory input stored in the brain.

The emergence of the new paradigm and the increasing convergence between science and mysticism seems to be one of the most critical issues the scientific world is facing these days. This book thus transcends the framework of a historical document on the Bombay conference and can be seen as a independent statement of lasting value, anticipating developments in the future. Page 1 Part I INTRODUCTION Page 3 1 East and West: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science Stanislav Grof Science and technology have become dominant forces in the modern world, and Western civilization, pioneering in technological development, is commonly seen as a symbol of progress and enlightenment.

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