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By Michael S. Ball, Gregory W H Smith

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ISBN-13: 9780803934351

This quantity presents a simple framework for utilizing visible info - particularly nonetheless pictures - as a device for social research. The authors confirm the significance of theoretical assumptions in interpreting those facts and supply suggestion on find out how to use images in cognitive, symbolist and structuralist study. The ebook is richly illustrated with examples starting from local American mask to fragrance ads.

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This quantity is a logical sequel of quantity I, the hunt for procedure: certainly, it matters the methods theoretical structures are positioned to paintings and subjected to check. but it may be learn independently by means of someone conversant in a few actual theories, referring again to quantity I whilst helpful. designated Symbols AS;B the set A is incorporated within the set B AvB the union of the units A and B AnB the typical a part of the units A and B aEB the person a is in (or belongs to) the set A Card (A) cardinality (numerosity) of the set A AxB Cartesian made of the units A and B en(A) consequence(s) of the set A of assumptions equals by means of definition =dt definition Dt· a few x (or there's no less than one x such that) (3 x) e empirical datum e* translation of e right into a semiempirical, semitheoreticallanguage h speculation m(r) measured worth of the measure r m(;) ordinary (or suggest) worth of a suite of measured values of ,; P-jT T presupposes P p, q arbitrary (unspecified) propositions (statements) P(x) x has the valuables P (or x is a P) {xl P(x)} set of the x such that each x is a P pVq p and/or q (inclusive disjunction) p &q p and q (conjunction) p-+q if p, then q (conditional or implication) p if and provided that q (biconditional or equivalence) p-q sum over i 2:; t theorem, testable end result

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There is no necessary link between a "sound-image" (Saussure, 1959, p. 16) such as "table" (the signifier) and the concept or meaning (the signified) of this particular sound-image (a flat-surfaced object). The link between signifier and signified is established purely through the conventions of language. Thus, the meaning of any sign results from the conventions that connect signifier and signified. Of central importance for Saussure were the ways in which signs are related together in a language.

4. FORMULATING AN EXPLICIT SET OF CODING RULES Any given instance of content has to be coded, that is, allocated to one 1111111 only one) category. Sometimes, however, a given item of content may lw ambiguous and fall between two or more categories, and for that reason, is essential that categories are sufficiently explicit to provide coders with • lt-ar instructions about how to deal with the problematic item. Sometimes dl"cision rules have to be formulated to handle such ambiguities. Thus in 11 24 Richardson and Krocbcr (1940), we find that "length of waist" is measured hy the "Distance from the mouth to the minimum diameter across the waist.

SAMPLING THE DOCUMENTS Some selection of the material to be analyzed is usually necessary in order to ensure that a properly representative sample is obtained. Richardson and Kroeber (1940) attempted to acquire at least IO pictures for each year; they admit encountering difficulty in reaching this number for the years prior to 1844, however (p. 133). Robinson aimed for a much larger annual total100-and indeed in one year managed to obtain a total of 1,730 observations. Both studies excluded certain data from analysis: Richardson and Kroeber used only full-face or almost full-face figures because figures in profile could not provide all the required measurements (p.

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