New PDF release: An Elementary Latin Grammar

By Henry John Roby

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Henry John Roby (1830-1915) was once a Cambridge-educated classicist whose influential occupation incorporated classes as a schoolmaster, professor of Roman legislations, businessman, academic reformer and Member of Parliament. uncomplicated Latin Grammar (1862) is a whole, concise creation to the Latin language. Written for lecture room use, it offers crucial grammatical structures within the clearest attainable demeanour, utilizing considerable fabric from the classical authors as demonstrations of uncomplicated ideas. The booklet publications the reader via noun and adjective declensions and the whole array of verb conjugations prior to turning to prosody and syntax, the place Roby's strategies in Latin guide are most blatant. basic, direct, and established upon examples together with texts by way of Livy and Cicero, the ebook exhibits scholars the right way to parse easy sentences whereas additionally introducing them to extra sophisticated and intricate buildings. It continues to be an invaluable source for academics of Latin, and a desirable rfile within the background of schooling.

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The following adjectives are declined like tristts, excepting that in the nom. sing, the masculine ends in er, and only the feminine in ris, the neuter in re, as acer, Sicris, acre. acer, keen. pedester, of the infantry. alacer, alert. ptiter, putrid. campester, of the field. saliiber, healthy. celeber, frequented. Silvester, of the wood. celer (gen. celeris), swift. terrester, of the earth. equester, of the cavalry. volucer, winged. paluster, of the marsh. September, and other names of months.

2. adding nis to 0; as, sermo, sermonis, discourse. Except words ending in do or go, which change 0 into inis; as, virgo, virglnis, a virgin (but prsedo, pvasdonis, a robber; ligo, Ugonis, a hoe); also h8rno, h8minis, a man. turbo, turbmis, a whirlwind. 3. changing x into cis (ex into ids. cf. § 5). Except nex, nScis, death. lex, legis, a law or statute. rex, regis, a king. fex, fsecis, dregs. vervex, vervecis, a wether, grex, grggis, a flock. supellex, stlpellecttlis, fur- remex, remfgis, a rower.

Fustis, a cudgel. panis, a loaf of bread. piscis, a fish. postis, a door-post. sentis, a- bramble. ). sodalis, a companion. torris, a firebrand. unguis, a finger-nail. vectis, a bar. vermis, a worm. annalis (sc. liber), year-book. natalis (sc. dies), birth-day. mSlaris (sc. lapis or dens), grindstone, or grinder-tooth. ptigillares (sc. libri), writing-tablets. COMMON to masc. and fem. corbis, a basket, and clilnis, haunch. § 43. 3. NEWER. Nouns ending in e. * Nouns neuter all end in a, e, ar, w, us, I, c, n, and t: Nouns masculine will all prefer or, os, o (onis), es, ex, er: The rest and io feminine; to these Add parisyllablea in is and es.

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