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In the South Slavonic area in general, but especially where Glagolitic remained active, there arose in the seventeenth century the legend that Glagolitic had been created by St Jerome (Hieronymus), and the two alphabets are typically listed side by side as the alphabets of St Hieronymus and St Cyril. This may well be the start of the association of Cyril with Cyrillic, which then spread to the East Slavonic area. The names glagolica and kirillica are attested there only in the nineteenth century.

The only remaining formal questions are then: where did the added letters come from? And can we satisfactorily relate the Glagolitic and Cyrillic versions of these (that is, can we derive the Cyrillic ones from the Glagolitic)? 2 for names and symbols). Very little attempt has been made at finding sources for the vowel letters; most attempts at finding sources for the palatals and / с / offer multiple sources, for example Coptic for / ž / and Hebrew for / š / , / č / and / с / . In the belief, mentioned above, that Constantine, as a philologist, would have used some consistency in his choice of sources, and as far as possible seek a single source for all of these sounds, I have argued elsewhere for Armenian as such a source for the consonants, and Greek variants for the vowels.

2, th letter called g'ervb, originally representing Greek / g ' / or / j / , then Serbian / j / ) . ) for the foreign sound (МладеновиЬ/ Mladenović 1989: 156-7). The letter for / j / - j - was, not surprisingly, taken from Latinica in its Croatian usage. Most subsequent discussion of orthography in the Serbian-Croatian area centred around the relationship between the two major alphabets and their application to the literary language, whose variants were the main point of issue in the establishment of norms.

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