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By Phillip M. Margolin

ISBN-10: 0553569082

ISBN-13: 9780553569087

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Packard repeated, puzzled by the transition, but relieved that Deems had let him off the hook so easily. "Yeah, like Jeopardy! or Let's Make a Deal. " "I didn't watch them either until they put me on the row. We had a set outside the bars. One of our few luxuries. The guards let us watch the game shows. I really got hooked on them. At first I thought they were kind of stupid, but the more I watched, the more I realized that you can learn as much from game shows as you can at school. " Deems said, snapping upright in his chair and grinning broadly.

Ah, Bob, you're too big hearted. Me, I'd love to have seen her face, because I know this case was personal for her. I mean, she wanted me dead. " Deems asked with a look of boyish curiosity. "No. I just think she was doing her job. " "Yeah, well, you might be right, but I don't think so. I mulled this thing over while I was on the row. I had lots of time to think about her there. " Deems had an odd look on his face that worried Packard. "You should let it rest, Charlie. The cops are going to be on your butt, night and day.

How many times had he returned home from school in tears? How many times had he hidden in his room because of the cruelty of the children in his neighborhood? Matthew wondered what Abigail Griffen saw when she looked at him. Could she see past his looks? Did she have any idea how often he thought of her? Did she ever think of him? He shook his head at the temerity of this last idea. A man who looked like he did in the thoughts of someone like Abigail Griffen? The notion was ridiculous. Matthew left his bedroom and walked down the hall.

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