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By Simone A. James Alexander

ISBN-10: 0813049822

ISBN-13: 9780813049823

Inspired via a transforming into have to handle questions of transnationalism, girl mobility, and citizenship, this booklet bargains an in-depth research of selective texts of Audre Lorde (Barbadian-American), Edwidge Danticat (Haitian-American), Maryse Condé (Guadeloupean-American) and charm Nichols (Guyanese-British). The publication examines transnational migration or stream not just when it comes to actual trips, however it additionally employs the trope of migration as resistance, as dissent. analyzing the pervasive circulate of our bodies, this booklet demanding situations the pathologization ascribed to black girl sexuality/body, subverting its assumed definition as diseased, passive, and docile. Investigating how black girl identities and sexualities move globally, it specializes in problems with embodiment, how women's our bodies are learn and obvious; how our bodies “perform” and are played upon; how they problem hierarchical constructs and disrupt normative criteria. in addition, it depicts how woman matters not just discursively engender a parallel “migration” that disrupts and debunks hierarchical constructions, yet how additionally they engender a politics of resistance and subversion of mainstream/dominant discourse, a detour from normative categorizations and ideologies, a migration from and problem of unmarried, mounted, heteronormative, heterosexual definitions of self. In essence, it examines the politics and economics of migratory routine, re-examining and reconfiguring the definition of citizenship to mirror transnational hobbies and subjectivities, and the transferring definitions of domestic. The book's engagement with serious race idea, provides one other layer to its distinctiveness by means of enticing “disability” experiences, albeit peripherally, because it demanding situations the build of ailment, well being and able-bodiedness as configured by way of Western scientific technology.

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Yonder they do not love your flesh. They despise it. Yonder they flay it” (Morrison, Beloved 88). “Deeply loved flesh” (89) serves as an antidote to the commodification of the “pained black body” to which King refers. Hence the recapture and recuperation of Baartman’s captive flesh lends itself to exercising control of one’s body, being, and agency. Baartman’s final journey epitomizes Hall’s “return as fate, as destiny,” as she was finally and respectfully interred in her birthplace, the Gamtoos River valley in the Eastern Cape, 187 years after her fateful journey from Cape Town to London and Paris (234).

Registered the wounding. —Hortense Spillers, “Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe: An American Grammar Book” All too often the enemies of our physical and emotional well-being are social and political. That is why we must strive to understand the complex politics of Black women’s health. —Angela Davis, “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired” Addressing the downward spiral of black women induced by various ailments, including cancer and drug addiction, Evelyn C. White bemoans that illnesses have rendered them powerless, resulting not only in their lack of citizen rights but also in their ultimate erasure.

Historicizing the selective denial of citizenship to black people, Saidiya Hartman articulates: “The selective recognition of humanity that undergirded the relations of chattel slavery had not considered them . . deserving of rights or freedom” (Scenes 5). Baartman is at the center of this conflict of denial of citizenship wherein not only is her civic right violated, but she is also deemed an outcast, a Captive Flesh No More: Saartjie Baartman, Quintessential Migratory Subject · 21 deviant. 4 Thus the attainment of citizenship for women takes on an added challenge as women are habitually erased from the national discourse.

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