Cory Gideon Gunderson's Afghanistan's Struggles (World in Conflict-the Middle East) PDF

By Cory Gideon Gunderson

ISBN-10: 1591974100

ISBN-13: 9781591974109

ISBN-10: 1596791004

ISBN-13: 9781596791008

- Full-color Photographs
- Diagrams
- Maps
- Timeline
- Index
- thesaurus

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And other countries have also helped Afghanistan rebuild its war-torn land. Afghanistan’s rebuilding will be no small task. Roads will need to be rebuilt and a government developed. Farms will need to be replanted. Land mines left over from war will need to be located and disarmed. Most important are the more than three million refugees and other Afghans who were caught in the crossfire of war. They will need time and help to rebuild their lives. Afghanistan Today 37 WORLD IN CONFLICT: THE MIDDLE EAST TIMELINE 652 Islam is introduced in Afghanistan after an Arab invasion.

Bin Laden, Osama: Saudi millionaire who leads the al-Qaeda terrorist network. Buddha: Founder of the Buddhist religion. burqa: A garment that some Islamic women are required to wear in public. This covers them from head to toe. empire: A number of territories or nations controlled by a single ruler. fundamentalism: A religious movement or point-of-view characterized by strict adherence to certain beliefs and principles, and intolerance of other views or opposition. Hindu Kush: Part of the Himalayan Mountain range located in the northeast part of Afghanistan.

44 A F G H A N I S TA N ’ S STRUGGLES WORLD IN CONFLICT: THE MIDDLE EAST holy land: An area of land considered sacred by a certain religious group. iftar: Muslims’ evening meal that follows fasting. ” Arabic for striving and struggling to make the word of Allah supreme. Khyber Pass: A narrow passage through the Hindu Kush. Strategic location in Afghanistan where enemies have been fought. Koran: The sacred word of Islam containing the teachings of Allah to Muhammad. Muhammad: The prophet and founder of Islam, the messenger of Allah.

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