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By Edward F. Fern

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ISBN-13: 9780761912484

Particularly written for researchers and scholars with a primary wisdom of concentration crew study, the e-book offers various examples of what researchers may still and shouldn't do in designing their very own learn initiatives. furthermore, it significantly examines the boundaries of concentration teams and indicates easy methods to use concentration teams for nontraditional learn initiatives.

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In any group, some information will be shared and some will be unique. The distribution of shared and unique information depends on the degree to which group members share similar backgrounds and experiences. Each group member possesses a slightly different subset of the total available information. The greater the number of members who know the item of information, the more likely it is that the item will be mentioned and discussed during the group session. Thus, shared information has a greater likelihood of being discussed than unshared information.

However, recent research has discarded all but a couple of Introduction and Conceptual Framework 21 them as plausible influences on what occurs in focus groups. I discuss two here; others will be discussed in Chapter 5. It is difficult for people to both think and listen at the same time when discussing issues in groups. While listening to others, they can become distracted. Also, they tend to rehearse what they are going to say, which interferes with listening to others in the group. Third, while they wait to speak, they may forget what they were going to say.

Persons of color tended to score higher on racial/ethnic identity than did Anglos, and racial/ethnic identity was positively related to individualism, collectivism, and familism. Gaines et al. (1997) did not find differences in the individualistic orientation across racial/ethnic groups. They explain that the individualistic orientation may have been imposed on all cultures within the American society. Or it is possible that persons of color in the United States have been acculturated to the norms embraced by European American culture.

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