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During this engrossing biography, Dorothy Stein strips away the various layers of fable to bare a narrative way more dramatic and interesting than prior debts have indicated.

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Another notebook, however, reveals the expe­ riences of one governess who was hired during this same period and lasted only eight weeks. The task of poor Miss Lamont could not have been an easy one. At five and a half, Ada's schedule already covered "lessons in the morning in arithmetic, grammar, spelling, reading, 24 Chapter 1 music, each no more than a quarter of an hour long- after dinner, geography, drawing, french, music, reading, all performed with alacrity and docility. "28 At least at first.

Now this is wrong. Intellect has at least an even share, if it does not carry the day, which I think it does. He said that Combativeness, Destructiveness, Self-Esteem, Hope, Order & Time, bear no proportion at all to the rest of the head; Be that but for the Firmness, Consci­ entiousness Be Causality the character would be a weak one. 46 Apparendy Deville had early discovered that he could invariably im­ press his female clients by capitalizing on the social insecurity, the vulnerabiity to gossip, and the heightened self-consciousness from which genteel women suffered so agonizingly.

She used to lie a great deal in a horizontal position, and she was subject to fits of giddiness when she looked down from any height. She seemed to be amiable and unaffected. As might be expected at this early period of life she had not much conversation. She was reserved and shy, with a good deal of pride and not a little selfishness which diselosed itself with her advancing years. Her moral courage was remarkable and her deter­ mination of character most pronounced. 48 Though he mentions Ada's propensity to dizziness and fatigue, Greig makes no mention of her being on crutches, so the acquaintance is far more likely to have been formed in one of the later, crossed out, years than in 1 83 2; probably, from the evidence of Ada's surviving letters, it was early in 1 8 34.

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