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By Garcia J.L.L., de Castro M.D.L.

This booklet goals to supply scientists with information regarding a chain of recommendations that may be used so that it will facilitating the transformation of the pattern to a suitable nation for next detection or quantitation of its elements of curiosity. The ideas handled variety from the extremely simple ones (e.g. freeze-drying) to different extra complicated ones (e.g. glow discharge and laser-induced breakdown sampling).

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Both are compact, benchtop apparatuses that accommodate the vacuum pump and cooling system. Also, both use the same type of vacuum pump as the Cryodos models. Fig. 6. Tray-based freeze-dryer (Lioalfa model). ) 30 Analvtical freeze-drving The cooling system consists of one or two air-tight, one-step compressors and uses air as coolant. Like the previous ones, the Lioalfa models can be equipped with ancillary devices for processing bulk products and samples in flasks, vials or ampoules. Miscellaneous designs Depending on the number of containers to be used at once, some freezer-dryers use a multiport turret (a manifold) or a tray module.

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