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By Frederic Geurts

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This self-contained monograph is an built-in research of usual structures outlined via iterated kin utilizing the 2 paradigms of abstraction and composition. This incorporates the complexity of a few state-transition platforms and improves realizing of complicated or chaotic phenomena rising in a few dynamical platforms. the most insights and result of this paintings problem a structural kind of complexity received by means of composition of easy interacting structures representing hostile attracting behaviors. This complexity is expressed within the evolution of composed platforms (their dynamics) and within the family members among their preliminary and ultimate states (the computation they realize). The theoretical effects are tested via studying dynamical and computational homes of low-dimensional prototypes of chaotic structures, high-dimensional spatiotemporally complicated platforms, and formal structures.

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Graph of ex = {1} × [2, 5] ∪ {2} × [2, 5] of [2, 5], [3, 4], we have ex−1 ([3, 4]) = {1, 2} and ex({1, 2}) = [2, 5]. In Prop. 49, “⊆” can be replaced by “=” under a stronger assumption on the relation, that has to be injective and total. We state it without proof. 40 2. 51. e. function), and A ⊆ X. Then, A = f −1 (f (A)) and A = g(g −1 (A)). 6 Metric Properties Useful properties can be defined for some relations, according to the way they expand or contract their domain. To this end, we have to precisely define the distance for each space we work in, and the properties of these metrics.

The dynamical system imposes a temporal ordering on the underlying space. We interpret f (x) as the point which immediately follows x in time. 2. The evolution of the system is based on successive iterations, starting from any initial state x0 of X: f f f x0 −→ f (x0 ) −→ f (f (x0 )) −→ · · · The iteration scheme is recursively defined as follows: ∀x ∈ X, n ∈ N , f 0 (x) f n+1 (x) = x = f (f n (x)). t. e. the set of all its subsets. 2. For simplicity, we write f (x) instead of f ({x}). 3. Let us emphasize the (trivial) homomorphism exhibited by set-transformers.

The following properties will be useful [28, 325]. 58. Let A, B, C be subsets of X, then B ⊆ C ⇒ h (A, C) ≤ h (A, B). Proof. We know that h (A, C) = sup inf d(x, y). Since B ⊆ C, for each x, x∈A y∈C we have inf d(x, y) ≤ inf d(x, y). By monotonicity of sup, we get the result. 59. Let A, B, C be subsets of X, then h (A ∪ B, C) = sup{h (A, C), h (B, C)}. Proof. By definition of h . 60. Let Ai , Bi be subsets of X for all i ∈ I, then h(∪i∈I Ai , ∪i∈I Bi ) ≤ sup h(Ai , Bi ). i∈I Proof. We have h(∪i Ai , ∪i Bi ) = max{h (∪i Ai , ∪i Bi ), h (∪i Bi , ∪i Ai )}.

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