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By Laurence C Thompson

ISBN-10: 0824811178

ISBN-13: 9780824811174

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His? your? this? grammar book. 9 Each of the grammar books is? are? on the bestseller list. 10 Either the grammarians or Lester has? have? too many verbs. 10 Bagels’ ? Bagels are on sale. ” Correct? Incorrect? 12 Say it isn’t so Bo. Comma needed? 13 Grammatically correct sentence? Grammatically-correct sentence? 14 The pigeon flew East? east? 15 Are you and the boss bff? or best friends forever? 16 My mother doesn’t like me? my? surfing. 17 The window was broken by me. Correct? Incorrect? 18 Being fifteen, the video game is great.

B. Shall I compare you to a winter’s day? 31 32 Part I: Getting Down to Basics: The Parts of the Sentence C. When you were three, you blew out all the candles on your birthday cake. Answers: In sentence A, the present tense verbs are whirls and run. In sentence B, the future tense verb is shall compare. In sentence C, the past tense verbs are were and blew. Now find the verbs and sort them into present progressive, past progressive, and future progressive forms. A. Exactly 5,000 years ago, a dinosaur was living in that mud puddle.

It’s the tone of most everyday speech, especially between equals. Conversational English is — no shock here — usually for conversations, not for writing. Specifically, conversational English is appropriate in these situations: ✓ Chats with family members, neighbors, acquaintances ✓ Informal conversations with teachers and co-workers ✓ Friendly conversations (if there are any) with supervisors ✓ Notes, e-mails, instant messages, and texts to friends ✓ Comments in Internet chat rooms, bulletin boards, and so on ✓ Friendly letters to relatives Conversational English has a breezy sound.

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