A Translator's Freedom: Modern English Bibles and Their by Cecil Hargreaves PDF

By Cecil Hargreaves

ISBN-10: 1850754004

ISBN-13: 9781850754008

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The passages have been chosen for their directness of impact and freshness of wording. The NIV translation of Deut. 15. 7 is simple and effective: If there is il poor man :unong your brothers in ilny of the: towns of the land thilt Lhc Lord your God is giving you. rds your poor brother. imong you il poor man of one of thy brethren within any of thy giltes in thy land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. thou shillt not harden thine hc:art. nor shut thine hand from thy poor brother. The N IV does not give a literal translation of the Hebrew word translated 'gates ' in the AV, but its 'hard-hearted' and 'tight-fi~ted' remain true to the original imagery, as well as delivering, through a modern term, that slight shock which may be suitable in this context.

Most of these are 'human, nonliterary documents', written in everyday language, matter-of-fact, conversational, colloquial, and should be translated accordingly. In his autobiography he writes of the importance of avoiding 'the style of legend' or the language of 'a beautiful story' when translating many passages in the New Testament where 'men were writing down things which were actual facts within the living memory of people ... ' There, 'we have to translate in a matter•of-fact style because these are matters I.

1 [AV]) is parnlJeled or twinned by a second line ('Let the multitude of the isles be glad thereof). The second line not only echoes the first but is also by way of being a variation on it. 1bis type of parallelism has sometimes been called the equivalent in Hebrew poetry of rhyme in English poetry. Most modern biblical translators. as most traditional ones. have simply reproduced the distinctive Hebrew structure and pattern of poetic expression, even if they give an altered translation of particular words: for example, the NRSV has in Ps.

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