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By Ray del Sole

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For the real religious seeker:
This booklet offers a pretty good procedure for various various non secular reasons that's in keeping with the information of the chakra process and its analogies with the 5 parts on all 3 planes. you don't need notable talents to enhance your non secular growth, to transparent and to heal your self. With no less than effort and time on your day-by-day perform you can also make nice growth on your religious improvement. additional extra you are going to adventure a deep balancing and vitalization in all features of your character.

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So that it will interpret the Lords Prayer appropriately, we needs to first competently comprehend the gospel of the water and the Spirit, which was once spoken to us via the Lord. we've got fact in us once we not just recognize and comprehend the gospel of the water and the Spirit but additionally think it with our hearts. the real gospel, which we think in, has led us thus far, in order that we will be able to lead really trustworthy lives that the Lord desires from us within the Lords Prayer.

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From the writer of "Liber Obsidian Obscura", this can be Dray's 3rd unlock. From the writer: "The first sorcerers accumulated jointly the mandatory materials; ones that they can believe resonated with their objective and might trap and carry their magical purpose. They mixed them including forbidden phrases of energy that resonated with the weather of the area round them.

Get The Sorcerer's Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magick PDF

This e-book is ready genuine magick, effecting genuine switch, in a true world.

There are a few books on magick that educate it in basic terms as non secular development. Others educate it as a sort of mental self-help that results purely internal swap. whereas magick can and will be either one of those, it's also anything extra. The Sorcerer's secrets and techniques is ready luck in functional magick; it's a publication that goals at altering either the outer and internal worlds.

Beyond an insignificant spell booklet or education path, The Sorcerer's secrets and techniques is a box handbook on profitable sorcery written by means of a qualified sorcerer. the 1st a part of the publication lays out the characteristics, options, and routines essential to try out useful magick. the second one half provides transparent innovations for tackling virtually any kind of factor with sorcery.

You will find out how to:

* assault difficulties from a number of angles, not only by means of casting a spell.

* mix mundane and magickal motion to make sure success.

* determine even if what you're doing is operating, and attach it if it isn't.

* transcend readings, into magickal intelligence-gathering.

* effect the minds of different people.

* paintings so much successfully on behalf of others.

The Sorcerer's secrets and techniques may help rescue the paintings of Magick from those that have missed, downplayed, or simply outright denied the lifestyles of functional sorcery in prefer of arcane titles, intangible effects, and delusion attainments.

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Lobsang Rampa's trip maintains as he travels from Korea into Russia, all through Europe, crusing to the united states, eventually finishing up in England. Lobsang endures trap and extra torture till he once more, escapes via riding luxurious vehicles. during this booklet Lobsang inhabits (transmigration) the physique of an English guy (Cyril Henry Hoskins) desirous to depart this global, allowing Lobsang to proceed his distinct activity.

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Navel chakra: Directly on you navel 9. Root chakra: At the end of your spine (horizontal) on your backside 10. Hand chakra In the middle of your palm 11. Foot chakra Short after the ball of your foot Activating the chakras - how it works One main access to spiritual development is the work with chakras. I have developed one easy technique which you can use to activate your chakras, to activate your whole microcosm on all planes, to clear yourself, to heal yourself, to spiritualize yourself (refinement), to strengthen spiritual abilities, to refine them and to awake your senses for the work on higher planes.

As soon as the natural activation happens you spread your concentration also on these points. It is in fact no problem to concentrate at once on several chakras/points. Keep your concentration until your egg timer rings. You will probably also experience an activation of your eyes and your temples. The chakras of the head and the senses should receive the most concentration in general. Then directly move on to the air element. Concentrate yourself on the forehead chakra and then integrate the ears, throat and heart chakra.

It means transformation, - spiritualization. By working with the senses, - sense organs you vitalize them. This means you better your physical perception, you increase your imagination skills with all senses and you awake your perception on the higher planes, e. g. clairvoyance etc. The chakra concentration technique Get an egg timer and set it on 3 minutes. As usual take your asana, relax by deep natural breathing and close your eyes. You start with the fire element. This means you concentrate yourself smoothly on your Ajna chakra – just set your awareness, your feeling, your consciousness into your Ajna and keep it there for the 3 minutes.

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