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By Peter Freund

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This interesting e-book assembles human tales approximately physicists and mathematicians. Remarkably, those tales cluster round a few basic subject matters having to do with the interplay among scientists, and with the impression of historical occasions resembling the arrival of fascism and communism within the 20th century on scientists habit. in short, yet lucidly, a number of the attractive technological know-how that introduced those scientists jointly within the first position is defined

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It sounds so basic. simply mix oxygen and hydrogen in an electrochemical response that produces water and electrical energy, and you’ll have a fresh, effective strength resource. yet scientists have spent decades—and billions of bucks in executive and funding—developing the gas mobilephone. there were successes and serendipitous discoveries alongside the way in which, yet engineering a gasoline cellphone that's either sturdy and cheap has proved terribly tricky.

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He would go to seminars and like a davening Jew rhythmically nod his approval of everything the speaker was saying, until that moment came, as it almost always did, when the speaker said something Pauli disagreed with, at which point intense shaking of his head replaced the nodding and most speakers fell apart. Vicki Weisskopf, Pauli’s assistant in the mid-Thirties, devised a strategy to cope with Pauli’s nodding-to-shaking transition. In the morning of the day he was scheduled to give a talk, he would go to Pauli’s office and give Pauli a preview.

I remember the three of us discussing the matter to death. The most desperate attempts were tried to salvage Feynman’s claim, but it was becoming ever clearer that Glennys was right. Around midnight we gave up and went to our rooms. I remember Feynman’s face when we said goodnight, I also seem to remember some unprintable words that were spoken. The next day Feynman was scheduled to lecture on another topic. He could easily have avoided any reference to the previous day’s confrontation. Instead, barely did he get going, when he brought the matter up.

It is, though, in Zurich that he wrote his most famous paper on electron–positron scattering, or “Bhabha scattering” as it is now called. ” At wit’s end, Bhabha contacted the other senior theoretical physicist in town, Gregor Wentzel at the University of Zurich. Familiar with his good friend Pauli’s quirks, Wentzel took the paper and read it. qxd 6/5/2007 2:31 PM Page 23 FA The Conscience of Physics 23 its importance and assured its young author that he would convince Pauli of its merit. At first Wentzel’s attempt to explain Bhabha’s work to Pauli was met with the expected, “If Mr.

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