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By Erica Reiner

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The aim of this examine is to offer a considerable a part of the corpus of the Akkadian language within the type of a grammar. This grammar has approximately the subdivisions generic within the box of Assyriology, yet its association has profited from the grammatical versions and outlines advanced in present linguistic examine.

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Non-occurring clusters Instead of listing all occurring clusters, we list here the clusters that do not occur, to conform to the procedure customary in describing the "incompatibility", although this list goes beyond occurrences limited to "root-incompatibility". 1), it may be seen that the phonemes standing in a vertical row and those standing in the third horizontal row, do not occur in clusters with each other. 3. 2]; not attested: *zd, *sd, *st, zt); palatal (s) and dental (sd, st, i>t) ; liquid and /n/ (rn, In).

1. Cluster of identical consonants The distinction between long consonants and a cluster of two identical consonants is based on two criteria: (1) the writing, (2) morphophonemic alternation. 1. Evidence of the writing. Although the writing does not always indicate long consonants - older periods, such as the OA dialect, never do, OB only rarely - in certain words there is always a double writing of the consonants, with the syllabograms VC-CV. For example, always du-ubba, never du-ba. 2. Evidence of morphophonemic alternations.

Pm, *mp, *bm, *mb do not occur. 4. 0. , which phonemes occur in clusters with which others and in what environment, which can be long as well as short - if long phonemes have not been listed as separate phonemes in the phoneme chart - etc. Some of these points are treated in the traditional grammars under such headings as "The syllable", "Stress", etc. In this presentation these and similar questions, all relating to the order and arrangement - taxis - of phonemes, are subsumed in this chapter under the general title "Phonotactics".

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