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34 D I E G O IRARRAZAVAL mother (Ch'ol story) The bloodthirsty sun is transformed by faithful Xolotl, a dog that is happy and makes others happy From then on, the warmth of the sun caresses people, animals and plants (Nahuatl story) The beloved spouse that had died is revived by the smell of the flower of seven colors (Mixteco story) The serpent that devours children is sent away by an organized population that throws hot stones into its mouth (Raramun/Tarahumara story) The spirit of the earth punishes those who do not work making pots from the soil (K'iche' story by Catanna Ixcoteyac Joj) The god of the mountain gives carnations to the poor brother (who thus has food and cattle), while the rich brother remains empty-handed (Andean story) There are thus several ways of understanding cosmic and human dramas Each story has meaning within a specific symbolic universe, and they all face the very heart of the human enigma concerning evil, on one part, and the miracle of life, on another part Myths usually take into account violent realities, and also explain just and harmonious forms of living What is said about the beginning of everything allows us to deal with the present and the future It seems to me that indigenous stories about "origins" shed light on the interaction between malicious and benign forces All this helps us to question modern progress (often naively understood only as positive), and it also allows us to face evil (confronted through mythical narratives) that harms everyone Let us consider a Mayan tradition that is helpful to challenge violence that has fallen over Guatemala during several decades 7 The indigenous myths show the dreams of ancestors and how God has dreamt the earth given to humanity Moreover, war is considered to be God's nightmare War is confronted together with globalization, since it hurts Mother Earth In terms of hope, there is justice, reconciliation, organization, likewise there is hope because the dead look up to the sun, and they prepare a banquet for all These myths also have some elements that are a way of dreaming the future There is a Utopian conviction This is not something that happens all of a sudden, it springs from the beginnings, from the origin of things, it is shaped now and tomorrow In Paraguay and the surrounding guarani areas, there is a nomadic form of life, and its spirituality has the character of pilgrimage The guarani myth/utopia of the "Earth without evils" means that people are pilgrims, walk7 Guatemalas contribution to the IV Congress has presented 'myths of the origins of our Mother Earth, and we have collated them with the report, Recuperacion de la Memona Histonca (REMHI) " It underlines "the earth without evil that God wants for us" (page 1) They add "massacres and clandestine cemeteries meant that the most sacred of our culture was violated Our loved ones were denied the right to continue living even after their deaths, they denied them the right to rise again," (page 6) It is a sharp theological discourse social violence in Guatemala is confronted with mayan myth/utopia centered on corn THEOLOGY WITHIN A PLURAL INDIGENOUS FAITH 35 ing and also traveling by rivers.

Sao Paulo: Paulinas. Dupuis, J. (2000). Hacia una teologia cristiana del pluralismo religioso. Santander: Sal Terrea. Chapter 4 The Challenge of Religious Pluralism for Latin American Theology Faustino Teixeira Juis de Fora, Brazil Introduction At the beginning of this twenty-first century, religious pluralism is one of the most basic challenges for theology. 1 This unparalleled consciousness of religious pluralism stimulates a "new way of doing theology," contextualized now in a reality that is marked by an inter-religious dynamic.

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