A history of the theories of aether and electricity Vol 2 by Edmund T. Whittaker PDF

By Edmund T. Whittaker

Exact, debatable, and often mentioned, this survey bargains hugely exact debts in regards to the improvement of principles and theories in regards to the nature of electrical energy and house (aether). with no trouble obtainable to normal readers in addition to highschool scholars, academics, and undergraduates, it comprises a lot details unavailable elsewhere.
This single-volume variation includes either The Classical Theories and the fashionable Theories, that have been initially released individually. the 1st quantity covers the theories of classical physics from the age of the Greek philosophers to the past due nineteenth century. the second one quantity chronicles discoveries that resulted in the advances of contemporary physics, targeting distinctive relativity, quantum theories, basic relativity, matrix mechanics, and wave mechanics. famous historian of technology I. Bernard Cohen, who reviewed those books for Scientific American, saw, "I comprehend of no different heritage of electrical energy that's as sound as Whittaker's. All those that have came upon stimulation from his works will learn this informative and exact historical past with curiosity and profit."

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The second immediate consequence of General Relativity is a true prediction of a previously undiscovered phenomenon: that is the bending of the path of light in a strong gravitational field. Part of the bending is a direct consequence of the Equivalence Principle. Looking back at the falling elevator, if Sally is to see a light ray from one side of the elevator to the other and not be tipped off that she is falling in a gravitational field, then its path must be a straight line. But if this is true for Sally, then Charlie must see a curved path.

These are the so-called Galilean transformations that single out inertial frames as special. There is an infinity of inertial frames, so Newton picked one frame as really special – absolute space. Acceleration with respect to this absolute space is resisted, and that resistance (described by F = ma) is inertia. 1 Revolution transformations). Maxwell’s equations in a vacuum (no charges or currents) predict the existence of electromagnetic radiation, including visible light, all traveling at the velocity of light, c.

4 The Legacy of J. C. Kapteyn Kapteyn did not live to see his model Universe so thoroughly discredited. After the First World War he became an early opponent of the punitive exclusion of German scientists from international organizations. He felt that science is a truly international endeavor and should transcend international politics, and this attitude resulted in his increasing isolation from his colleagues in Britain and the United States – after 1914 he never again visited Mt. Wilson. He retired in 1922 at age seventy, after the Great Debate but before the issue was resolved.

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A history of the theories of aether and electricity Vol 2 by Edmund T. Whittaker

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