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Li_, lherefore entailing an objec! inlerpretation of 1i=. g- c trying H, however, can be interpreled only as the surfacerealization of a following H-toned (benefactrve)affix pronoun. 1. g and gLD. _3gr venilive (\EN) We tag this particle "VEN" (venitive). It has rhe general meaning "towards the ccntre of attention or the speaker, here". It often accompanies the bound pronouns and the verb6 of motion. ukotto hdli walk-3M+LOC+\,EN unril o+AFf in come-C2-3M "he wen! dn+kobevoie+? o you(S)+PERF here come-C2-2s I+ACC see-l+me+\'EN "you have come here in order to see me" (underlying tonesr /uohe+?

In some cases, where assimilation prevents the application of the Vowel Insertion Rule (MPR 1), homophony between paradigms A. l. )may result; only the use of tle selectorswill therefore disambiguatethe sentence. Phooologically determined alternations Ifith speciffc types of stems, the Vowel Inse(ion Rule does not operate and, instead, various PRs occur between the stem and the affix. 2. 2. C^tegory-govemedahernarions Under this heading we shall deal with the morphophonological rules (MpRs) which apply between speciffc types of stems and the affixes, and which are not the resulf of aulofiDtic phonological rules.

Paradigms. lgtl (Tucker: 1967): 25 and 3f havc the same exponent, but 15 and 3M are always (liffcrentiated. ]. Moieover, certain s;gmenrally identical vowels mark a variety of categories, and specificity requires refErence to other elementsl' (Halwatd: 1j84: 255). ). As in many other Cushitic languages, certain verbal forms (infinitive, pas! son marking, or show it in a reduced form (imperative); as for fully inflected paradigms,the following endings are found (irrespecLivsof tones): 2S 3M 1P 2P 3P -v-tv -V 0 - -lV *-i -ten - teenv - -t in - tinV -on- + 311 - -ien - -ieenv - -oni - -in - -inV The vowel found in all paradigmsin 15,2Sl3F, 1p and, occasionally,in the other personstoo, is the paradigrnaricvowel.

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