New PDF release: A Grammar of the Cree Language, etc.

By John HORDEN, Bishop of Moosonee.

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A transformational component. This would, of course, be a major step forward, and the generative semanticists' aim is therefore a laudable one. To make the whole of linguistics redundant, and replace it by a series of completely mechanical transformational components, is even outclassed by a discovery of the Universal Language itself. Think of the effect that this would have on the whole of science and civilization. But this is true of, say, the alchemists' quest for the discovery of a way to make gold, or the search for an elixirium vitae, which would prolong life indefinitely, as well.

Secondly, we must distinguish between the ordinary language use of the term 'science' or 'scientific' - science is what scientists do - and a more technically defined use of this term. e. not scientific. According to reasoned criteria I have adopted and stated above, a science is unscientific to the extent that it indulges in unnecessary speculation. g. Darwin's) could not even exist without a great deal of speculation. The aim there is to create a link (which remains speculative) between observables at different stages in history by providing the most plausible explanation.

T h i s is. f o r i n s t a n c e , t h e s i t u a t i o n in linguistics, w h e r e o n e m a y m a k e d e s c r i p t i o n s o f single languages, o n e at a t i m e , in e a c h o f w h i c h d e s c r i p t i o n s t h e w h o l e t h e o r y is a p p l i e d . I a m , o f c o u r s e , n o t r e f e r r i n g t o t h o s e linguists w h o s e aim it is t o arrive at a 'general g r a m m a r ' . F o r t h e m , separate languages have a status n o t u n l i k e that o f ' s p e c i m e n s ' in the natural s c i e n c e s , w h e t h e r t h e y f o l l o w m a i n l y inductivist p r o c e d u r e s o r n o t .

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A Grammar of the Cree Language, etc. by John HORDEN, Bishop of Moosonee.

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