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By Robert Carlson

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The sequence builds an in depth selection of prime quality descriptions of languages world wide. each one quantity bargains a accomplished grammatical description of a unmarried language including absolutely analyzed pattern texts and, if acceptable, a thesaurus and different suitable info that is on hand at the language in query. There aren't any regulations as to language kinfolk or zone, and even though detailed consciousness is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and necessary remedies of higher identified languages also are integrated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the one criterion is a excessive commonplace of medical caliber.

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Kare go [kare] [gYa:ra] Secondary release between IVJ and lul is a very slight velar affrication which sounds like light aspiration. It is symbolized [ x ] here. Before the other low vowels, secondary release is a labio-velar approximant [w]: [k x u:lo] cf. lacking [ku:r)2] kwooro snore [k w o:ro] cf. kooio cough [ko:lo] kwoogo boat [k w o:Ro] cf. koogo [ko:Ro] inheritance (34) kwüüld encircle As noted above, Mills (1984) states that nasal consonants do not occur with secondary release in Cebaara.

The most common is the verb kare 'go', which would be *kara if it were regular. There are a few verbs with two pronunciations, one harmonizing and the other not, such as koro / kore 'chase', para / pare 'span'. From the greater number of this kind of exception to harmonization in Cebaara (see Mills 1984: 156-157) it is probable that harmonization is increasing in Supyire, and that the nonharmonizing variants of the above verbs are the older forms. The restriction of homorganicity on VV clusters can be treated as a special case of harmonization: the second V must harmonize with the first V.

Below) usually elides following a pronoun. g. u //become u ύ. In addition to these sporadic elisions, there is one morphological process which results in the systematic loss of intervocalic /d/. The gender 4 noun suffix is -rV (/dV/). e. e. not /i/ or /u/), the definite is formed by adding the definite suffix -te to a stem consisting of the noun root plus the indefinite suffix -rV. The consonant of the indefinite suffix then elides (and the Iii of the definite suffix is voiced and flapped). 2. Fricatives Fricatives, both voiced and voiceless, are similar to voiceless stops in their distribution: they occur word-initial, or in a stressed syllable medially, but not in a medial unstressed syllable.

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