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Xel for oxel SUBJECT USE AND ACQUISITION OF VERBAL AGREEMENT 51 ‘eating’. , kxi ‘you, feminine, take’ is used both for female and male addressees. Finally, there is no overt person morphology on the verbs. Armon-Lotem (1996a) analyzes the acquisition of verbal morphology by toddlers aged 1;6 to 2;0. She found that initially children do not inflect most of their verbs using many unclear forms, which cannot be distinguished for tense. Nonetheless, as reported in Berman and Armon-Lotem (1997), past and present morphology is used selectively according to the lexical aspect of some verbs, though aspect is not marked morphologically in the target language.

Similarly, Lior and her mother used the verb ‘cry’ in the present (boxe ‘cry-S:MASC:PRES’), and the verb ‘help’ in the infinitive (la’azor ‘helpINF’ ) over 60% of the time. These findings should be considered with the following reservations. Input here is limited to caretaker data recorded in the transcripts in the assumption that it represents the overall input to which the child was exposed during the early phases of acquisition. Also, the number of occurrences of any particular verb at these early phases is relatively small.

Two types of evidence supported this claim – the use of innovated verbs in familiar argument structure patterns, and the occurrence of overextension errors. The latter type of evidence further suggests, that it does not suffice to acquire general argument structure patterns to master VAS in a particular language. Language specific mechanisms, like Hebrew verb-pattern alternations for marking predicateargument relations must also be acquired to complete the process. 4. CONCLUSION The present study has laid out a developmental account of VAS acquisition based on analysis of longitudinal data from child Hebrew.

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