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By Nora C. England

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This can be the 1st full-length reference grammar of Mam, a Mayan language spoken at the present time by means of over 400,000 humans within the western highlands of Guatemala and the nation of Chiapas, Mexico. the results of over 3 years of in depth fieldwork in Guatemala, A Grammar of Mam, a Mayan Language relies at the dialect of Mam spoken via 12,000 humans in San Ildefonso Ixtahuacan within the division of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. England organizes A Grammar of Mam in line with complementary ideas: to investigate Mam following essentially conventional degrees of grammatical description and to offer fabric in this type of approach that the heritage info invaluable for figuring out every one subject of dialogue shall were formerly supplied. hence, England's research of the sound approach and morphophonemic procedures of Mam is through an outline of the features of root, inflectional, and derivational morphology. Chapters on word constitution precede chapters on sentence-level syntax. A Grammar of Mam is of specific curiosity in interpreting a Mayan language that's either syntactically and morphologically ergative and that's cutting edge towards strengthening the ergative method. certainly in any respect degrees of linguistic association Mam is leading edge, and hence it really is uniquely attention-grabbing either traditionally and theoretically.

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Instead, Spanish numbers have been borrowed. I was not able to elicit more than the numbers given here. While the number system is undoubtedly derived from the old base twenty Mayan system in which each interval over twenty was counted on the way to the next twenty (that is, twenty-one was one toward (3-21) am s-ook-x t-1am-ee1 x-tz'-ook-x SUDDENLY BANG rec dep-3sA-GO IN-dir 3s-CLOSE-abs n kamuun OUTHOUSE forty), it has changed and disappeared so that the only rem­ nants are the original numbers from one to nineteen and the numbers for twenty, forty, sixty, and eighty.

2). kub' t-b'iyoo-n rec dir t-iib' xiinaq The structure of the two sets of non-verbal predicates is similar. 3sE-KILL-ap 3s-RN/refl MAN Each has a base which signals its type, to which is then added person markers which closely resemble the absolutive (Set B) 'The man killed himself. ' enclitics. L The two sets are: 1:11 76 ROOTS AND WORDS ROOTS AND WORDS 77 ! Stative Locative/Existential The base of a locative/existential predicate is (a)t, in which the 'this is X' 'X is (in a place)' 1s (aa) qiin-a (a)t-iin-a in the second and third person singular forms, usually mutu­ 2s aa-ya (a)t-(a7-y)a ally exclusively with the a7.

The combinations: There is a subclass of intransitive verbs which has They usually describe the manner in which an bial functions. leqeqeen -+ Is wit'it'iin 3s -+ 2s lach'ach'aan speaker disagreement as to acceptability of these forms. The combination 3p -+ 3p seems to be impossible for some other reason, perhaps "confusion". This, and the other un­ Examples: 'walk stooped over' 3s should be subject to the same constraint but there is native Morphologically they are like other 'go running' 'go on all fours' Intransitive verbs of motion also form a subclass.

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