Matthew Parish's A Free City in the Balkans: Reconstructing a Divided Society PDF

By Matthew Parish

ISBN-10: 1845112768

ISBN-13: 9781845112769

Following the brutal wars which raged within the former Yugoslavia within the early Nineteen Nineties, Bosnia and Herzegovina was once awkwardly partitioned into governing entities: the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska. yet there has been one a part of the rustic which may now not be outfitted into both class: the Breko District, a strategically severe land-bridge among the 2 components of the Bosnian Serb territory. This quarter used to be the topic of a hugely strange test: put less than a regime of across the world supervised executive, Breko grew to become a ""free city,"" evoking the reminiscence of Trieste or Danzig within the nineteenth century. What has this scan in state-building published concerning the historical past of this bothered nook of the Balkans - and its destiny? What classes will be utilized to clash answer in different elements of the realm? And was once the test winning or have the electorate of Breko suffered extra by the hands of the overseas group? A unfastened urban within the Balkans investigates the increase and fall of Breko and post-war Bosnia and investigates what classes will be realized for overseas peacekeeping missions elsewhere.

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Thus they are frequently more willing multilateral partners than are larger states. 18 Partition theory is empirically controversial, and a literature has built up over whether the partition theorist’s historical examples are justified or represent a fair cross-section of the outcomes of ethnic civil wars. 19 It is also arguably pernicious: even if the theory is right, advocacy of it creates an incentive for nationalist politicians to pursue murderous agendas of ethnic cleansing, because once they commence the slaughter partition theory prescribes they will end up with their own state.

The conclusion of this book is that multi-ethnic Brčko is about to collapse. Were the partition theorists right? The arguments of partition theorists will haunt this book, and the efforts of the international community in post-war Bosnia must be measured against the alternative of partition that was rejected by the international community at some point between December 1995 and mid1998. To the extent that the partitionists’ pessimistic predictions have turned out to be true, we must ask whether they were right all along or whether it was due to incompetence, lack of commitment or some other factor that Bosnia has ended up being the catalogue of failed state-building projects that it is today.

They were thus reliant upon OHR to explain what the organisation was doing, where the country was going and for OHR’s assessment of its own performance. OHR could therefore decide what it saw fit to involve itself in and it suffered from inexorable mission creep. In ebbs and flows, OHR would involve itself in matters of enormous political importance and micro-management of low-level detail. The goals of the organisation slipped from one project to the next as different High Representatives were appointed, mostly with relatively short tenures, each espousing different philosophies and agendas.

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