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By Hector Kamdem

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This booklet is an easy and transparent presentation of the lexis of Camfranglais, an city formative years sociolect in Cameroon. It offers this sociolect as an outgrowth of language touch phenomena that experience fossilized particularly round the Littoral zone of Cameroon. Methodologically talking, it makes use of a lexicographic in addition to an ethnographic method of info assortment. Lexical components were accrued from such various resources as Cameroonian well known tune, on-line discussion groups and boards like fb, blogs, Youtube video clips and so forth. along with there have been workforce conversations geared up for the gathering of information. the main power of this publication lies within the range and authenticity of its resources that are all traceable. additionally, the entire general statements it makes in regards to the foundation, semantic different types, grammatical sessions of the lexis of Camfranglais are the results of the mandatory lexical manipulations that are supposed to precede those statements. a whole alphabetical lexicon of Camfranglais is gifted, and, the place possile, etymologies are given. For all entries, actual examples are quoted with the intention to consultant the reader to using phrases. Idiomatic expressions also are provided for various lexical entries. The ebook will function reference for these engaged on Camfranglais in addition to a place to begin for lexico-semantic reviews on Camfranglais.

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They account for about 19 percent of the word-formation processes. The productive processes of word-formation in Camfranglais are affixation, clipping, compounding, reduplication, inversion and the use of acronyms. These processes are discussed below in order of occurrence. 1 affixation Affixation consists in adding affixes to root words. These affixes could be 1) non-hybrid; 2) hybrid; or 3) dummy or parasitic. Non-hybrid affixes are those that do not lead to the hybridization of the words to which they are added.

Recevoir, to entertain guests with pomp and ceremony < From the Cameroonian Popular French recevoir, to receive or welcome. • Traiter, to treat someone harshly < From the French traiter, to treat. To round off the discussion of semantic manipulation in Camfranglais, the different processes of semantic manipulation will be presented in order of their 56 occurrence: metaphor (42), dysphemism (34), metonymy (18), onomastic synecdoche (18), hyperbole (13), euphemism (06) and semantic positivization (04), for a total 135 occurrences.

Cerceau, for offering a round of drinks to everyone sitted on the same table < From the French cerceau, a hoop. From the circular gesture made with a finger as a sign to a waitress in a bar to offer a round of drinks to a table. • Chat-mort, for a girl who is at a man’s beck and call and readily has sex with him any time he wants < From the French chat-mort, a dead cat. • Chaussette, for condom < From the French chaussette, socks. • Débout, for erection < From the French débout, to be standing.

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