A Day and a Night and a Day: A Novel by Glen Duncan PDF

By Glen Duncan

ISBN-10: 0061239992

ISBN-13: 9780061239991

In a windowless mobilephone, a guy hangs from a couple of handcuffs. he's an american. His torturer will cease at not anything to extract the knowledge he calls for. He, too, is an american. an afternoon and an evening and an afternoon is a Grand Inquisition for the twenty-first century, during which love, loyalty, cause, and fact are on trial, and morality hangs within the stability. it's the tale of Augustus Rose, an not going operative in a terrorist community, and his interrogator, Harper, a ruthless ambassador for the darkest forces at paintings in our instances. past the legislations and with no desire of break out or reprieve, Augustus endures an emotional and actual attack that brings his entire existence less than brutal scrutiny: his race, faith, politics, and earlier, the folks he has enjoyed, and the few he's nonetheless wanting to defend. by myself and likely of demise, Augustus increases the one protect he has: reminiscence. He recalls his outcast Euro-American mom, Juliet, whose erratic love was once shelter from the unforgiving streets of Harlem within the Fifties; he remembers the unusual solace of Elise Merkete, the ravaged vigilante who recruited him into the ranks of her underground military; he relives the cool contact of the younger Spanish prostitute, In?s, probably the final woman tenderness he is ever prone to recognize. Outshining all of them is the reminiscence of Selina, a gorgeous, afflicted, and rebellious white long island aristocrat. Their epic, taboo love affair, all started in Nineteen Sixties big apple, might yield a lifetime's worthy of ardour, heartbreak, and wanderlust, best Augustus from Harlem to Greenwich Village, from El Salvador to Barcelona, from Morocco to a bleak British island the place demise turns out his purely significant other. Dramatic, far-reaching, and wonderfully written, an afternoon and an evening and an afternoon is either a piercing love tale and a well timed, harrowing assessment of the form the Western global is taking.

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It’s sentimentality, Selina said, I’m sentimental. It’s a weakness. Augustus looked at her. The couch was dark brown cracked leather. She lay with her hands on her chest and a red corduroy cushion under her head, her blond hair spread glinting around 36 A D ay a n d a N i g h t and a Day her. She could look at him with a lucid dispassionate intelligence, something old and female and divine, he told himself. He didn’t know what to do in the face of it, was genuinely in a state of something like awe.

She’d grown up with—or rather acquired—an abiding fear that Something Bad was waiting to happen to her. I feel like I sold my soul then imperfectly erased it from my memory, she said. I get these intimations. I know Lucifer’s coming for me, sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time. This is my idiot self talking, by the way. I’m aware of that. Maybe it’s just cancer I’m scared of. There’s a lot of cancer in my family. I’m just warning you. By the time Augustus reaches the village he’s wincing every step.

Augustus had acquaintances but no real friends, lived his life through books. After the first flush of joy—all S’s are M’s; all M’s are P; therefore: all S’s are P—he’d begun to see the scale of the effort that would be required. Required for what? He didn’t know, but something big still awaited him. The passione endured. He read, daydreamed, read, walked the streets, read, became known as The Professor. A shocking discovery was how many fiercely held beliefs he had—that there was a point to being alive; that some things were absolutely right and others absolutely wrong; that he had a soul; that life was a mystery to be solved; that it didn’t end with death—shocking because philosophy revealed these as mere articles of faith, assumptions, hunches, instincts.

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