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By Jessica Williams

In this re-creation of her bestseller, Jessica Williams assessments the temperature of our global and diagnoses a malaise with a few stunning signs. Get the proof but additionally the human aspect of the tale at the world?s starvation, poverty, fabric and emotional deprivation; its human rights abuses and unbelievable wealth; the unstoppable upward thrust of consumerism, psychological sickness, the medication exchange, corruption, gun tradition, the abuse of the environment and extra. The diagnosis could glance bleak, but there's wish, Williams argues, and it truly is right down to us to behave now to alter issues.

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The model Lily Cole carried one at London Fashion Week and demand for the bag ran so high that We Are What We Do’s web server collapsed under the strain and the bags were soon changing hands on eBay for more than £200. You wouldn’t have seen that kind of madness about a carrier bag five years ago. It’s been fascinating to watch this change sweep over Britain, and there’s every sign it’s happening overseas too. In the US, we’ve seen individual states challenging the federal government (most recently, over climate change) and winning, forcing the Bush administration to change its ways.

The facts are incontrovertible, but the questions remain of why is it so, who is responsible and what can we do? I thought that the strength of Jessica Williams’ essays is that they are calm, never shrill, and therefore invite the reader into the discussion rather than leaving us with merely a sense of overwhelming difficulty. A fearless and compelling work. ’ Monica Ali, author of Brick Lane ‘A research handbook for the No Logo generation’ Guardian ‘A must-read’ BBC Liverpool ‘Lucidly written, excellently researched, and with detailed referencing, the world won’t look so rosy when you’ve put it down’ Ecologist ‘A book to surprise, enrage and inform, it is a powerful antidote to apathy which offers information on how to make a difference.

Higher-income countries must come to terms with their ageing populations and start to provide for the stresses that will be placed on health and welfare systems. Governments and corporations are already being forced to look at the way they provide for people in retirement. If the average British man now lives to 75, he will spend his last decade drawing a pension from the state. It’s a pleasant prospect, certainly, but one that will become harder and harder to sustain. Some European governments are already discussing raising the age for compulsory retirement, and as the population gradually grows older there will be fewer people working to put the necessary money back into the welfare system.

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